Our proof readers, native speakers, work with the translation in order to remove inaccuracies and inconsistencies, replace clumsy expressions with more suitable ones and ensure the overall readability of the text. This type of proofreading is suitable for translations intended for publication.

The proofreader checks the source and target text in terms of content, meaning and terminology. The proofreader is a native speaker of the source language, an experienced translator of the given language combination and an expert in the given field and industry terminology. In combination with linguistic proofreading, editing is suitable for translations of premium texts or for materials that will be printed in large quantities.

It is a thorough pre-print proofreading of the text after graphic processing. The proofreader checks the final layout of the text and removes typographical inaccuracies, checks that the formatting is correct, verifies the correct display of characters and images, and ensures that the text is complete.

Every translation undergoes a final exit check where the proof reader compares the source and language texts, makes sure that the text is complete and properly formatted, with numbers and names properly transcribed, that all hyperlinks work and that the language conventions of the target language are observed. We automatically perform this final check on every translation free of charge.