Consecutive interpreting is so called follow-up interpreting. The  speaker pauses after every 1 or 2 sentences, or may take notes and then interpret several minutes of speech at once. When the speaker pauses or finishes speaking, the interpreter then renders a the message in the target language.

Consecutive interpretation is usually the technique of choice for:

  • business meetings
  • conference speeches
  • training and events of small size

No technical equipment is required. We provide consecutive interpreting both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

During simultaneous interpreting the interpreter speaks virtually at the same time with the speaker.

If the simultaneous equipment is used we refer to so-called conference interpreting.  The equipment includes interpretation booths (one per output language), interpreter consolesmixertransmission systemheadset receivers for participants and interpreters, microphones for interpreters and for participants.

Simultaneous interpreting requires more than one interpreter and simultaneous equipment.

We provide consecutive interpreting both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • conferences
  • congresses
  • press conferences
  • lectures
  • workshops

Simultaneous interpreting without the use of the equipment is also referred to as chuchotage or whispering interpreting. The interpreter sits or stands next to the person or people requiring interpretation and speaks softly using normal speech kept at a low volume.

Legal interpreting requires court-appointed interpreters registered in the list of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, authorized to perform activities pursuant to Act No. 354/2019 Coll., on Court Interpreters and Court Translators, as amended by Act No. 166/2020 Coll.

Legal interpreting is appropriate for:

  • court trials
  • General Meetings
  • notarial deeds, etc.

We provide legal interpreting both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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