Information and communication technology translations

We provide quality translations of software, websites or mobile applications in all languages. We provide translations for companies in the field of IT, telecommunications, process engineering and consulting projects for companies. For example, we translate these kinds of texts:
  • user interfaces and installation instructions
  • e-shops
  • system messages, help files, databases
  • instruction manuals, user guides
  • offers of software solutions, mobile applications
  • technical and safety data sheets
  • websites, presentations, promotional materials
  • documentation for tenders
  • expert opinions and various types of contracts
  • product localization
We work with the latest translation management systems, thanks to which we are able to create a translation memory and terminology glossary, while at the same time producing large volumes of work within a short period of time and for attractive prices. We work with CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) Management Systems – this allows us to create a translation memory to save you time and money.